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Casting - Cast and Crew

Casting is a comedic webisode and television Pilot that follows the lives of several central characters who after getting booked as background in a feature film, decide to take their new adventure further and try and become actors in television shows, commercials and film. The show was created and produced by Andrew Kimbel who also stars in the program, along with Hosung Kim and Ron Riskie who are also co-stars of the show. The latter two are true novices to the industry providing a real life scenario of what truly does go on behind the camera. The show follows these 3 “stooges” and their interactions on various sets and with the staff of Casting Associates International, (CAI), a real world talent management and booking agency created for and featured in the show. Followers of the program are able to connect with the show through this real world but yet pretend agency.

The series is filmed in a sitcom style much like How I Met Your Mother, The Garry Shandling Show, The Middle and Seinfeld. Several episodes feature other television shows and or movies in which talent from CAI are booked, whether appropriately or not remains to be seen. The show primarily produced in Philadelphia, features Chickie’s and Pete’s as a gathering and networking spot for entertainment, music and sports industry professionals in the region, as well as the Bourse Building—home of Casting Associates International, Letter 8 Media television production  studios, Stagecrafters Theater in Chestnut Hill and other cafes and the like in the Philly region.

Casting is proud to facilitate opportunities for actors in the Philadelphia area to bring their talents and skills to the forefront through this episodic with a locally based theme. The show does include sets that are filmed in Los Angeles against the LA backdrop however, the central focus is indeed the environment and flavor of the Philadelphia region.

Thanks to Chickie’s & Pete’s!

Casting crew with Chickie's & Pete's food.
Simply the best, especially on set during production. We all thank you, Pete!

The producers of Casting are very honored and pleased to have the support of  Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab House and Sports Bar during our production of Casting in Philadelphia. We are very appreciative and, of course, big fans of Chickie’s & Pete’s. A more appropriate venue accompanied by such terrific ownership and a great staff would be just about impossible to find anywhere else.